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Aluminum Investment Casting Technology

Properties of Aluminum Alloys

Aluminum, which quickly oxidizes and is challenging to cast, is a critical resource for many industries. Aluminum is known for its lightweight strength, durability, and longevity, making it essential in various sectors, including automotive. Its significant presence in the global market is undeniable.

Aluminum Investment Casting Process

Aluminum, a silver-colored metal with an atomic number of 13 and a melting point of 660 degrees, is crucial in many different sectors. Investment casting of aluminum, possessing properties such as low density, high rigidity, specific strength, formability, longevity, high toughness, corrosion resistance, conductivity, and recyclability, can be manufactured in the desired design and size. In the aluminum investment casting process, high-temperature molten aluminum is poured into a pre-modeled ceramic mold and allowed to cool. After solidification, the product is separated from the mold and undergoes final adjustments.

Aluminum Usage in Different Sectors

Aluminum plays a significant role in reducing energy costs and carbon emissions. Its recyclable and lightweight nature helps lower transportation costs and CO2 emissions. Commonly used in aviation, aerospace, and defense industries, aluminum ensures successful production outcomes. Beneficial in both product design and production efficiency, aluminum is utilized in various sectors worldwide.

Other Applications of Aluminum

Aluminum is used in transmission cases and pistons, small household appliance parts, kitchen hand tools, textile machines, and other machinery. These materials, specially designed with ceramic casting molds, yield flawless results when processed by experts. After preparing a separate mold for each product to be produced, the main parts are manufactured to the exact dimensions of the part to be produced. Modeling allows for the creation of prototypes of the parts to be produced. This ensures that each product in multiple orders is produced flawlessly, saving companies from unnecessary cost budgets.

Expertise in Aluminum Investment Casting Process

During the aluminum investment casting process, ceramic casting molds must be specially designed. Special attention should be paid to deoxidation in the aluminum investment casting process to prevent the formation of voids. At BRK Metal, we have developed a special method that minimizes gas pockets and maximizes the strength of each product we produce. Our company, capable of producing aluminum investment casting parts that meet the quality standards of the aviation sector, effectively meets the aluminum investment casting needs of all sectors.

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By adhering to the ISO 9001:2015 production principle, it has gained the satisfaction of many customers and has attracted more attention than companies unfamiliar with and not using the casting (investment casting) method, thanks to its investments in technological infrastructure.