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Investment Casting Process

The ‘Investment Casting Process’ generally involves pouring molten metal or alloy into a specially shaped mold and then cooling and solidifying the mold to create a casting. This method is frequently used in the production of parts with complex geometries and applications requiring high precision. Here are the basic stages of the investment casting process:

  1. Mold Preparation: The first step is to prepare a mold according to the design of the part to be cast and use a special ceramic mixture to coat the inner surface of the mold.
  2. Wax Model Production: The second step involves creating a wax model of the part, which has the same shape as the ceramic coating. This wax model will be placed inside the mold during the casting process.
  3. Pouring into Mold: The third step is placing the wax model inside the mold and pouring the molten metal or alloy into the mold.
  4. Cooling and Solidification: The poured metal or alloy cools and solidifies inside the mold, resulting in the final part.
  5. Mold Breaking: The final step is breaking the mold and removing the finished part. The wax model is also melted or removed at this stage.

Investment casting is a method that provides high precision in the production of complex and finely detailed parts. Therefore, it is used in various sectors including automotive, aerospace, medical, defense industries, and many others.

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