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Investment Casting

Investment casting is a frequently preferred production method in industrial applications; It has a wide range of applications, especially in sectors such as aviation, medical devices and automotive, by offering advantages such as producing parts with high precision, obtaining low-roughness surfaces and successfully creating complex geometries.

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About us

Founded in 2002, BRK Metal has established itself as a prominent brand in the investment casting sector. Our primary goal is to shape the industry with a commitment to quality and excellence, and to always maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Over the years, we have continuously updated our state-of-the-art machinery, successfully producing a wide range of investment cast metal parts from 1 gram to 25 kilograms, and from 1 millimeter to 400 millimeters. In the services we offer to both our domestic and international customers, we adhere to principles of innovation and continuous improvement, maintaining our leadership in the industry.

We thank you for your trust in us. We eagerly look forward to providing you with the best service, leveraging our experience in the industry.

Our Services


Since 2002, BRK Metal has been serving in the investment casting sector, perfectly executing the processes of even the most delicate parts with its expertise and experience. Our company, holding a significant position in the global market for investment cast metal part production, is a leader in the metallurgy sector with services provided both domestically and internationally. Exporting 60% of its production, BRK Metal combines the innovations of technology with its expertise in areas such as investment casting, destructive and non-destructive testing, to achieve perfect results from metals.


In investment casting, a system applied in areas where other production techniques fall short, the process starts with creating a wax model of the product to be produced, ranging from the smallest metal parts (1 Gr.) to the largest (30 Kg.). This model, produced to the exact dimensions of the final product, is coated with ceramic slurry, followed by a waiting period for the mold to harden. The wax inside the mold is melted using a melting method. This process is also known as the investment casting technique. The main metal material is poured into the void left by the reclaimed wax model and allowed to solidify. This system, which produces flawless results in the desired shape and size, is achieved through meticulous calculations combined with technology and expertise. Investment casting, one of BRK Metal’s areas of expertise, ensures perfection in every detail.


All products manufactured under the assurance of BRK Metal, a leader in its sector, undergo precise measurement control using the Video Measurement System (VMS), along with destructive and non-destructive testing. After detailed checks, our products are prepared for delivery. In this phase, Chemical Spectrometer Analysis (Foundry Master), Brinell or Rockwell Hardness Analysis, Metallurgical grain structure analysis are conducted as destructive tests to eliminate defective products. In the non-destructive examination process, products undergo X-ray analysis, MPI Magnetic Crack Control, FPI Liquid Penetrant Analysis, 3D and optical dimensional analysis, and solidification modeling.


Providing mold, prototype, mass production, processing, and other process services along with shipping, BRK Metal delivers perfectly prepared and delivered challenging metals with economical solutions. Not just in sales, but also in after-sales services, our company continues its professionalism at every stage, guiding other brands in the same sector with its customer-oriented production. Since 2010, the brand has continued to significantly improve its production quality and has been a leader in the steel casting sector for many years, both in terms of quality and production capability.


Our company, which continues its operations in its own facility in the Istanbul Tuzla organized industrial zone, has earned ISO 9001:2018, ISO 10002:2004, and ISO 45001:2018 certifications with its quality investments. Supported by the latest technology, our production center offers customers the ability to produce metal parts of any size and specification. Producing in various raw material groups such as stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, magnesium, and bronze, the company combines years of experience with flawless craftsmanship and technology to achieve perfect results from metals.


The company, which has certified its expertise in other related fields with investments in process and product development and quality control, crowns its experience in the sector with impeccable services provided in various areas. Manufacturing the most critical parts for many sectors such as automotive, medical, defense, electrical, electronics, textile, and machinery, BRK Metal implements mold making, investment casting, mechanical processing, surface and heat treatment processes with its expert staff. Collaborating with universities, military defense, and R&D institutions, the brand adds new references to its accomplishments in collaborations with these institutions every day.