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Magnesium Investment Casting Technology

Magnesium: The Metal of the Future

Magnesium, an alloy known for its lightweight and high specific strength, holds a significant place in transportation and defense industries. In its unalloyed form, magnesium possesses low density and strength, making alloying essential in applications where it is used, such as AZ91, AZ63, and WE54. Magnesium, with its high thermal conductivity, also possesses good electromagnetic shielding, high dimensional stability, easy machinability, high damping, and easy recyclability. With these advantageous properties, magnesium is used in various fields ranging from automotive to mobile phones, aviation to sports equipment. In recent years, magnesium has found its place in efforts to use energy resources more efficiently for sustainability and plays a role in reducing fuel consumption in the automotive sector.

Manufacturing Process of Magnesium

Magnesium, used to make vehicles lighter, is especially important in the defense and automotive industries due to its lightness and high strength. This material, used in various sectors in the global market, is also shaped using the precision casting process. In this process, the product to be produced is modeled using the wax molding method. The created model is coated with a heat-resistant ceramic mold. Then, the mold is left to dry. Once the mold is completely dry, the wax model inside is removed by pressure, and casting is achieved through a melting method. In this way, the main material of the product to be produced, magnesium, is melted and cast, and the product is left to cool. Magnesium, extremely flammable and dangerous to melt, should be cast using special gases. After the process is complete and the product cools, it is separated from the ceramic mold, and processes to prepare it for delivery to the customer begin.

Precision Casting in Mass Production Parts

Magnesium investment casting can also be used in mass-produced products. The precision casting process, which ensures the flawless creation of even the most challenging parts, allows liquefied and molten metals to be cast into specific molds to transform them into new parts of desired shape and form. This process allows for the trouble-free production of products that need to be created to millimetric precision. Capable of flawlessly producing even the most challenging products with complex designs, this system is vital to the industry. Magnesium, with its excellent mold filling property, is preferred over other metals. Its low heat capacity and efficiency during solidification also make it effective in production.

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