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Surface Treatments

Post-investment casting surface treatments refer to processes applied to improve the appearance, durability, and functionality of investment cast parts. These treatments ensure that parts are smooth, clean, and possess desired properties. Here are some common post-investment casting surface treatments:

  1. Turning: Lathes are used to precisely adjust the dimensions and shape of a part. This process may be required to meet measurements and tolerances.
  2. Grinding: Grinding is performed to reduce the surface roughness of a part and achieve precise measurements. This process ensures smooth and even surfaces.
  3. Sanding: Sanding is applied for surface correction and to achieve smoothness. This is especially used for aesthetically attractive results.
  4. Polishing: Polishing is applied to the surface of a part to give it a shine and an aesthetic appearance. This is particularly used for decorative and visible surfaces.
  5. Blasting: Blasting with sand or similar materials is used to clean the surface of a part and prevent corrosion. This process can also help to mattify the surface.
  6. Coating: A protective layer is created by applying a coating to the surface of a part. This can increase corrosion resistance or provide specific functionality.
  7. Painting or Finishing: The surface of a part is improved in color and appearance by applying paint, varnish, or finishing materials. This can be done for aesthetic and protective purposes.
  8. Blasting: High-pressure air or explosives are used to remove oxide layers and achieve a smooth surface.

Post-investment casting surface treatments can vary depending on the part’s final use, aesthetic requirements, and functional needs. These processes ensure that parts meet the desired quality standards and appearance.

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