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BRK Metal Company Profile

BRK Metal Investment Casting: The Name of Quality and Excellence

BRK Metal Investment Casting is a metal casting company that sets quality standards in the industrial sector. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we remain committed to providing customers with the highest level of quality and excellence.

Strong Foundations, Innovative Future

BRK Metal Investment Casting, established in 2002, specializes in investment casting of many industrial materials, especially steel and stainless steel. By combining traditional production methods with the latest technologies, our company offers our customers products that push the limits in quality.

Technology and Quality: Steps Forward

As BRK Metal Investment Casting, we aim for a continuous increase in quality by using technology. In our modern facilities, we focus on ensuring excellence and quality standards in production processes by adopting the latest technologies in the industry.

MKE and Other Important Collaborations

We would like to proudly state that BRK Metal Investment Casting has established strong collaborations with important organizations such as MKE (Machinery and Chemical Industry), one of Turkey’s leading industrial companies. These collaborations reinforce our commitment to quality and reliability in the industry.

Our Quality Policy: Always Perfect

Our quality policy aims for excellence at every stage, starting from product design to production and delivery processes. As BRK Metal Precision Casting, we continue our determination to offer the highest level of reliability and quality products to our customers.

Customer-Focused Service Approach

BRK Metal Investment Casting has a service approach that prioritizes customer satisfaction. We offer tailored solutions to our customers’ needs by establishing long-term relationships. We embrace the importance of growing and sharing success together with our customers.