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The Importance of Investment Casting in the Shipbuilding Sector

Shipbuilding requires high-strength and corrosion-resistant materials tailored to the specific needs of the maritime industry. BRK Metal meets the expectations of quality and durability in the production of precision casting parts used in shipbuilding, offering specialized solutions for the maritime sector.

Durable Casting Solutions for the Maritime Industry

Ships at sea, constantly exposed to salty water, must have structural components that require special protection. The casting parts produced by BRK Metal are designed considering these conditions and cover a wide range of applications, from ship hulls to propellers, from cladding panels to engine components. These parts are critically important for the safety and longevity of ships and are produced to a high standard.
Our precision casting technologies have been developed to ensure the perfection required by complex ship components, their detailed designs, and high tolerances. BRK Metal engineers the parts provided for shipbuilding to be resistant to high pressure and extreme weather conditions, setting the standards in the maritime industry.

Our casting parts, offering high corrosion resistance and excellent mechanical properties, stand out for their quality and reliability in every stage of the shipbuilding process. Non-destructive tests and strict quality control processes ensure the long-term and reliable use of our products.

As BRK Metal, in producing precision casting parts for the maritime industry, we aim for excellence to ensure the resilience of ships against harsh maritime conditions. Our company, providing specialized solutions for the shipbuilding sector, will continue to be a reliable partner for the maritime industry.

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Why BRK Metal?

BRK Metal, conducting 60% of its production abroad, is an approved supplier for many well-known companies in Europe. With its young and talented team, BRK Metal, focusing on customer needs, has proven to be a reliable supplier by producing at affordable costs without compromising on quality, ensuring timely and seamless deliveries to its customers.

By adhering to the ISO 9001:2015 production principle, it has gained the satisfaction of many customers and has attracted more attention than companies unfamiliar with and not using the casting (investment casting) method, thanks to its investments in technological infrastructure.