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Investment Casting Technologies for the Medical Sector

The medical sector, particularly requiring high levels of precision and sterility, is catered to by BRK Metal with advanced precision casting solutions to meet these challenging requirements. For us, each medical component is a critical part of supporting human health.

Excellence in Medical Equipment

Health technologies are constantly evolving, and medical equipment is becoming increasingly complex. BRK Metal uses the most advanced casting techniques to meet the specific excellence and precision standards required for the production of metal parts for medical devices. Our products span a broad spectrum of the medical sector, from surgical tools to diagnostic device components, from dental implants to orthopedic prostheses.
Our production process ensures the use of medical-grade materials and the biocompatibility of the products. This is essential to provide the highest safety and functionality when medical devices interact with the human body. BRK Metal’s precision casting parts offer durability and longevity, even for the most demanding applications in the health sector.

In the production of medical parts, BRK Metal employs state-of-the-art non-destructive inspection methods to ensure that each part is of high accuracy and quality. These precise parts undergo post-production sterilization and cleaning processes to reach the highest levels of cleanliness and sterility required in the medical field.

Our medical casting solutions reflect BRK Metal’s commitment to innovation and excellence while serving the needs of our customers and patients. In the medical sector, which shapes the future of health technologies, BRK Metal works to save lives and improve the quality of life with each part we produce.

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Why BRK Metal?

BRK Metal, conducting 60% of its production abroad, is an approved supplier for many well-known companies in Europe. With its young and talented team, BRK Metal, focusing on customer needs, has proven to be a reliable supplier by producing at affordable costs without compromising on quality, ensuring timely and seamless deliveries to its customers.

By adhering to the ISO 9001:2015 production principle, it has gained the satisfaction of many customers and has attracted more attention than companies unfamiliar with and not using the casting (investment casting) method, thanks to its investments in technological infrastructure.