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Investment Casting Technologies for Electrical Power Equipment

Electrical power equipment requires high-quality and precision components for uninterrupted and reliable energy distribution. BRK Metal produces excellent quality metal parts for electrical power equipment using precision casting methods to meet these fundamental needs of the energy sector.

Strong Foundations of Energy Distribution

Electrical power equipment ranges from power transformers to distribution panels, from insulators to connectors, and each component is vital for the smooth operation of electrical systems. The precision cast parts from BRK Metal are carefully designed and manufactured for high conductivity, excellent mechanical resistance, and long-lasting performance.
Our advanced casting processes ensure the strength and durability necessary for electrical power equipment to withstand high voltage and current. BRK Metal adopts stringent testing and quality control processes to ensure compliance with the industry’s strictest safety and quality standards in the production of these components.

Our innovative casting techniques allow the production of parts with complex geometries and tight tolerances, ensuring the safe and effective management of energy by the equipment. Our precision cast parts play a critical role in enhancing efficiency and safety in the energy sector.

As BRK Metal, we aim to deliver high performance and reliability required by the industry in producing precision cast parts for electrical power equipment. In doing so, we contribute to meeting the energy demands of modern societies by enhancing the resilience and functionality of energy infrastructure.

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Why BRK Metal?

BRK Metal, conducting 60% of its production abroad, is an approved supplier for many well-known companies in Europe. With its young and talented team, BRK Metal, focusing on customer needs, has proven to be a reliable supplier by producing at affordable costs without compromising on quality, ensuring timely and seamless deliveries to its customers.

By adhering to the ISO 9001:2015 production principle, it has gained the satisfaction of many customers and has attracted more attention than companies unfamiliar with and not using the casting (investment casting) method, thanks to its investments in technological infrastructure.